About Us

Ireland’s first and only certified organic grower and producer of flaxseed/linseed products.

John and Kathleen Irwin started researching the growing of flaxseed/linseed organically in Ireland in 2010.

They believe passionately in eating healthy food and growing as much of it as possible in our own Climate as it will have more nutrients that are the right level for those that live in this climate than that which is imported from sunnier Climates.

They are both from farms originally in Laois and Kathleen is a Marketing graduate and John is an Engineering Graduate.  They combined both their skills, which complement each other when it comes to production lines and equipment (John’s area) and then Kathleen looks after the Marketing.  They married in 2007 after a short courtship of 10 years. !!!!

They are the only certified organic producers of flaxseed/linseed in Ireland and there is a reason for this as it is not an easy crop to grow organically and unless they absolutely believed in the product and experienced its health benefits, they would not have been able for the challenges it has presented to them, from wet summers to weed control and many more.

They delight in receiving emails from customers who are delighted with the mild nutty taste of the oil and their other products.  They put so much effort into producing the highest quality products as it is a very specialised process to ensure that the Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 and 6 and the Lignans remain in their pure and natural state in their products to bring vitality to the body of the consumer.

As that saying goes “If you dont spend money on Food you will spend it on Medicine”