So many people already have the awareness that what is going on in the world around them is somehow connected to what’s going on inside them.  The external is a reflection of the internal and when looking at the world as a whole it is the whole of humanities consciousness that we are looking at. 

The mind is controlling too much of the show in our lives, decisions made from the mind are to do with profit and effeciencies etc but no feeling is given to how these decisions will affect another human and their consequential circle, what level of hardship will someone else have to endure because of these decisions made from the mind.  The bitterness and anger of the hardship that these mind decisions put upon humans only spreads the toxic emotions of anger and resentment etc around the world like a virus.

The cycle has continued like this for thousands of years of humanity living on the earth but we cannot continue on this path for much longer.  We are making ourselves so toxically overflowing with dark emotions that we are very susceptible to picking up any sort of illness going and capable of doing all sorts of harm to each other.  We are not evolving as a human race the way we should, to care for and value another human and realise that we are all connected spirits having a human experience.   That’s why the option of ascension is here on Earth now for anyone that wants another way of living.  

 Ascension is a raising of our awareness of our spiritual and divine self that resides within us.  That calling home to honour our true selves. We stay in our human bodies but have transmuted the darker emotions that reside inside us that keep reflecting back to us the turmoil that we see in the external world on Earth at this time.   

When we transmute the heavier emotions that all humans carry within them, of fear, anger, resentment, rejection, jealousy, judgement etc by feeling them in the body, and using the breath when accepting them, we turn them from scary strangers into something akin to accepting friends in for tea. 

You are then clearing the dark from inside and allowing the lighter emotions of peace, joy, self-acceptance and love eventually to be felt.


 All the situations that the body creates trying to get our attention to look inside ourselves, like illnesses, lumps and bumps, accidents etc.  We have all the awareness in our heads but have’nt anchored this energy into our bodies.  It is in our human body that the magic lies.   

 Feeling Worthy enough to take this option? 

 Do you feel any resistance to that statement in the body? 

 Worthy is one thing that not many of us here on Earth feel, we all look for external validation of ourselves, from our peers, social media etc.  Some of this feeling is from how we have lived on this Earth for a long time and its also some of what we inherited from our ancestors who lived before us.  But the change is on now on Earth.  A way to clear our past and heal our ancestral heritage within us and live on a New Earth that involves helping each other, sharing our goods with another, receiving care from another when we need it.  How supporting is this of each other! 

A new Earth is awaiting us, one with much more hope and joy and peace in it and the way to it, is by feeling and transmuting our inner emotional turmoil so that it reflects outwards what we are vibrating inside. 

Hari Om. (the removal of suffering)