Flaxseed is the World’s Best Known natural laxative

Suffering from constipation can have a dramatic effect on your body. When you cannot release waste from your system, it inevitably leads to that that feeling of sluggishness, being bloated and tired.

What is constipation?

Constipation occurs when bowel movements do not happen regularly for someone or when they do happen, can be quite painful or a real struggle to pass. It is said that if you eat three times per day and allow approximately 4 hours for your food to be digested and travel down through the stomach into the bowel, that we should be having 2 – 3 bowel movements per day.

1 in 3 people have a sluggish bowel. According to Ayurveda medicine, 90% of all illnesses stem from the bowel as it is through the walls of the intestines that most of our food gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

If our bowel isn’t clearing and releasing the daily waste food, then this food is left around the lining of the bowel to decay and ferment – and this is what we feed into our blood stream and will eventually lead to inflammation in this area. It will also affect our mood as what we are feeding our blood cells is this old decayed matter instead of fresh nutrients from our food. Skin complaints can often be traced back to a sluggish bowel for this reason also.

The bowel is one of your most vital organs and must be kept cleaned and maintained and this is one great advantage of Adora Flax seed.


While usually not life-threatening or serious, it can be a painful and uncomfortable condition and is often caused by diet and lifestyle factors. Not enough fibre in the diet and a reliance on processed foods or not drinking enough water can all be contributing factors. A sedentary lifestyle or reliance on medication can also be causes.

Our 100% Organic flaxseed will prevent constipation

Ground flaxseed is simply the best natural treatment plan for constipation. For centuries, people all over the world have used flaxseeds for their ability to relieve constipation. As they are full of soluble fibre, they help to create bulk in the stool. This keeps your bowel movements regular and prevents any build up or constipation.

It is very important that you drink plenty of water with the flaxseed you consume. The ground-up seeds naturally absorb water so if there is insufficient water taken, you will not get the results you want.

What to do next ?

With so many people taking medication to relieve constipation, we firmly believe that a natural solution is without doubt the best option. In many instances, overuse of medication can lead to this condition so if possible, we advise you to try a natural remedy as your first option.

The flaxseed we grow and produce at our farm in Co. Laois is Ireland’s only 100% certified organic flaxseed. While we produce both flaxseed oils and ground flax seed, we only recommend soaking the whole seed in a glass of water overnight or for a couple of hours and it will turn into a kind of jelly. Then either drink this or add it to your porridge or cereal as the best way to relieve constipation. Do this a few times per day if your bowel is well blocked up and then maintain the practice to keep the pipes clean! Also, you can sprinkle the whole seed over your breakfast, dinner or supper to add fibre to your meals.

By grinding the whole seeds fresh yourself and adding them to your sandwich or food , it will do the same thing as soaking the seeds in water overnight or for a few hours. And it will have the added benefit of being anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial by having the lignans present in it also. Giving you a mighty punch overall!

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