Dry Eyes

Using Adora Farm Flaxseed products to alleviate the pain and discomfort of Dry Eye

If you suffer from Dry Eye, you know that it can be very painful and make life very uncomfortable. Research tells us that as many as 25% of people in Ireland must deal with this condition every day.

As Ireland’s only certified organic grower and producer of Flaxseed products, we know that the Omega 3 fatty acids naturally found in our product range can do so much for sufferers of Dry Eye.

What is Dry Eye and what causes it?

When your eye blinks, it coats your cornea with a light, moisturizing oily film. Sometimes the tear ducts do not produce enough lubrication and this results in friction between the eyelid and the cornea – leading to irritation and redness. An increase in the amount of tears produced will decrease the friction and reduce the pain of Dry Eye.


As we grow older, we produce less tears when our larcrimal glands deteriorate, and this happens especially in menopausal women. Evaporative Dry Eye is another cause and occurs when the lipid layer can no longer stop the oily film from evaporating and this is usually due to a poorly functioning meibomian gland.

Omega 3 and ALA – how our flaxseed products fight Dry Eye

ALA or alpha-linolenic fatty acid is an essential Omega 3 fatty acid. In other words, our body cannot make it so we need to find it from other sources.

Omega 3 is a basic element of every cell and membrane in our body. Without enough of it, cells do not work as they should and the body does not run smoothly and efficiently. From eliminating waste to retaining nutrients, your body needs enough Omega 3 to work to its capacity.

If you suffer from Dry Eye, you’ll know all about that very inflamed, very itchy feeling you get in your eyes when tired or late at night after watching TV or working on a computer. It has been proven that lack of Omega 3 can lead to inflammation in the body but with enough of this vital fatty acid in your system, our certified organic flaxseed products can alleviate your Dry Eye symptoms.

At our farm in rural Ballyroan. Co. Laois, we grow and harvest only 100% certified organic flaxseed with no harmful sprays and no nasty extras. We genuinely believe in the power of nature and that the best way to treat our bodies is through proven, natural solutions.

How to Relieve Dry Eye with 100% Natural, Organic Irish Flaxseed

Like any aspect of healthy eating, so much is about developing good habits. By integrating flaxseed oil products as part of your lifestyle and daily diet, you’ll get the Omega 3 you need to help treat your Dry Eye Syndrome.

We provide both flaxseed oils and ground flax seeds as sources of that all-important Omega 3. We recommend you follow our suggested servings below to help treat Dry Eye.

  • Flaxseed Oil – Take 2 x desert spoons of Adora Farm Flaxseed Oil per day.
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  • Ground Flax Seed – Sprinkle 3 – 6 x desert spoons on salads, cereals or as sandwich filler every day.
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