Flaxseed, source of fibre | 100% Certified Organic

As Ireland’s only 100% certified organic flax grower and producer of flax products, we take great care in producing only the highest quality products. Fibre-rich foods play a major role in any healthy diet and high-quality flaxseed is high in dietary fibre.

In fact, flaxseed has just the right blend of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. It also is high in good bacteria which is vital for a healthy gut. So much of every healthy lifestyle starts with our gut, assessing what goes in and how we digest it and distribute it throughout our body.

The right blend of three types of fibre

  1. Soluble fibre is also known as mucilage, and works in tandem with fermentable fibre to give you a healthy gut. And the right amount of soluble fibre will help your gut feel full.
  2. Insoluble fibre is different in that it holds water in your gut and contributes to the development of good bacteria.
  3. And fermentable fibre promotes good bacteria in your system, ensuring your gut stays healthy and you do too.

Benefits include controlling your weight and helping your metabolism

When you take in a blend of soluble and insoluble fibres through flaxseed, the rate at which you absorb sugars and starches from your food slows down. This keeps you feeling full and gives you enough energy to keep going for longer. It also ensures your blood sugar stays constant. It means that you only eat when your body needs it, keeping you trim and healthy.

Flaxseed fibre can help you manage all sorts of conditions. It can help you with gut related issues like Crohn’s disease , bloating, colitis, , constipation,  and IBS. It can also help diabetes patients and help your overall health.


Our approach is 100% natural

Digestion is a natural process and we believe that flaxseed as a product is rich in fibre and is an excellent digestion aid, as well as offering benefits across all aspects of health. By introducing fibre-rich flaxseed into your diet gradually, we’re confident you’ll start seeing good results in a matter of weeks.

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