Flaxoil for kids

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Benefits of flaxseed for kids

….flaxseed products for healthy kids and happy parents

Flaxseed has never been more popular with kids and parents. It can be added so easily to any meal and it offers real health benefits for kids as it’s an excellent source of that valuable Omega 3.

What is Omega 3 and why is it so important for kids?

ALA or alpha linolenic fatty acid omega-3 is an essential fatty acid. When we say ‘essential’ in this context, this means we cannot produce it ourselves so we must consume it in our diet from other sources. This Omega-3 fatty acid that is found in flax oil drives practically every process in your child’s body from their immune system to brain function and so much more.

At our farm in Co.Laois, we grow and produce Ireland’s only 100% certified organic flaxseed products. Many of our customers have included it into their kids’ daily diet and research has shown there are very specific benefits when it is integrated as part of a healthy, balanced children’s diet.

  • Muscle and bone development – flaxseed is also an excellent source of protein and will contribute to the development of your kids’ bone structure and muscles. Protein also helps repair cells and tissue and when combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3, will work well in dealing with the bumps and bruises of every childhood.
  • Immunity – the ALA omega 3 fatty acid we referred to earlier works alongside lignans to affect white blood cells to boost your child’s immune system. Our natural defences can all do with a helping hand now and again, and adding flaxseed to their diet might give their immune system the boost it needs.
  • Reduce tiredness and tears – your kids are bundles of energy but they also use up an awful lot of energy soaking up new information, regular playing and through general development. It can be hard to get them to eat all the food they should and flaxseed can be added easily to give them that extra energy boost they need
  • Bowel Movements – it is so important to ensure that your childs bowel is moving a couple of times every day. (At least once). With a high sugar diet so common nowadays in childrens diets, this can impede the natural action of the bowel release movement. 90% of all illnesses stem from the bowel as it is through the walls of the intestines that most of the food nutrients get absorbed into the blood stream. If the food we ingest is not leaving the body regularly (allowing 4 hours approximately for digestion) then it is left around the lining of the intestines to ferment and decay and this is what we are feeding into our blood stream. This decayed matter now, is commonly called toxins and becomes the source of most illness. Hence the importance of keeping the bowel working and cleaned regularly.

At Adora farm, we produce high quality 100% certified organic flaxseed products and we have come up with some very easy ways for you to add flaxseed products into your kids’ diets.

  • Smoothies and milkshakes – simply add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to a strawberry milkshake or smoothie and make the perfect after-school treat.
  • Sandwiches – a great option for sandwiches, you can sprinkle some on your kid’s lunch giving that extra nutrition they need during the school day.
  • Stews or bolognaise sauces – some meals will always be a favourite with kids. You can easily add some ground flaxseed to a bolognaise sauce or hearty stew and give your dishes that extra tasty health kick.

It is not recommended for Children under 12 months of age.

For children over 12 months of age 5mls or one teaspoon is recommended mixed in a smoothie or as a dressing over their dinner.

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