Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Adora Flax Seed Oil & Adora Flax Seeds

  1. Adora Flax seeds are high in Fibre and Low in Carbs

adora ground flax seedOne of the greatest health benefits of flax seeds is that they contain high levels of mucilage. This substance promotes digestive health. This is a gel forming fibre that has a really good impact on the intestinal tract.This mucilage can keep food in the stomach from emptying too quickly into the small intestine, which can increase nutrient absorption.

It can also feed the friendly bacteria in the bowel and pull 5 times its own weight in moisture and toxins out of the bowel.

It is recognised as the best natural laxative in the world. In cases of severe constipation use 1 dsp of whole flax seeds soaked in a half glass of water overnight or for a few hours and this will turn into a kind of gel. This can be taken 3 times per day to get the bowel moving again. It helps to reduce inflammation in the bowel also.

For a sluggish bowel this food is highly beneficial and you should aim to consume 2 – 3 tbsps of Adora Ground Flax Seed per day.

     2.  Healthy Skin, Hair and Eyes.

V__39E1The Essential fatty acids in flax seeds benefits the skin and hair as well as the B Vitamins which can help reduce dryness and flakiness. This also applies to eyes as Adora flax oil can reduce dry eye syndrome.

If you want healthier skin hair and nails and eyes, then try adding 2 tbsps of flax seeds and 1 tbsp of flax oil into your diet per day.

    3. Best thing to Lower Cholesterol.

Adora Flaxseed oil that is cold pressed and of high quality can help lower cholesterol levels in the body. We need a certain amount of cholesterol but when cholesterol is too high then consuming 1 – 2 tbsps of flaxseed oil into your diet can help lower cholesterol levels fast.

This is done by the good fats present in the oil wrapping themselves around the cells in the blood and attaching any cholesterol in the vicinity of that cell to itself and putting that cholesterol to work in the body. Then it is no longer free to line the arteries and harden. Then the only way for the cholesterol to fully leave your body is through the bowel with the aid of a high fibre diet including some whole and ground flax seeds.

    4. Flax Seeds are high in Anti Oxidants.

Flax seeds are packed with anti oxidants. Lignans that are found in flax seeds are anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial. Lignans provide us with benefits for hormone balancing and cellular health. We share how to make a flax seed poultice which can help to remove infection from the body and reduce skin sun damage when applied daily and left on for 24 hours at a time here.

  5. Flax seeds are Gluten Free.

AK7A4626There is no gluten in flax seeds and so is suitable for anyone suffering from Coeliac disease or anyone with a gluten sensitivity. Take a look at our recipe page for ideas on how to incorporate Adora Flax Seeds and Flaxseed oil into your diet. It can be used to replace gluten containing grains.

  6. Menopausal Symptoms:

The lignans in flax seed have been shown to have benefits for menopausal women. Lignans have estrogenic properties and if you couple this with the Vitamin B6 present in the Flaxseed oil which is known to balance hormones and also the Omega 3 in the oil and seed, then you have a really wonderful combination of natural ingredients working in your favour to help reduce menopausal symptoms.

  7. Flax Seeds Used in Cancer Diets

Johanna BudwigFlax seeds have been proven over time by various health professionals to be beneficial for various types of cancers including breast, prostate, ovarian and colon cancer.

See our section on Johanna Budwig cancer diet and also George Jelinek’s Overcoming MS diet.

Both of these scientist’s advocate the supplementation of high quality organic flax oil into the diet to assist the cells in rejuvenating themselves back to health.


Adora Flaxseed Oil contains essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 C and E.


Cholesterol is a hard fatty like substance essential for our health and detrimental at times if we consume too may calories or consume an unhealthy diet.

The body can manufacture cholesterol from substances it derives from the breakdown of sugars, fats and proteins without consuming the cholesterol containing foods such as animal fats and moreso if we consume more daily calories than our body needs.

The more excess calories we consume particularly from sugars and saturated fats the more pressure there is on our body to make cholesterol.  Also the more stress the body is under the more cholesterol it makes as cholesterol is the forerunner of stress hormones.

Our body makes Vitamin D from cholesterol.  It is also known as the sunshine vitamin and helps regulate calcium and phosphorous in our metabolism.

Phospholipids hold proteins in place within the cell and help fulfill various enzyme functions as well as other structural and transport functions. Pls usually holds an Essential Fatty Acid like Omega 3 or 6 in its molecular structure which being highly unsaturated, keeps cell membranes from hardening.

Phospholipids also store each cells supply of Essential Fatty Acids which are required to make prostaglandins that regulate cell activities.

Our cell membranes are made up of  phospolipids, proteins and also cholesterol which helps maintain fluidity in the cell and regulates carbohydrate supply within the cell.  A diet rich in Essential Fatty Acids means that more cholesterol will be built into membranes this is one reason why EFA’s help lower blood cholesterol levels, to balance their fluidity.  A diet rich in saturated fats (which are hard) means more cholesterol will be removed from membranes back into our blood.

Our body makes steroid hormones from cholesterol.  The three best known of these are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Our body discards excess cholesterol that it no longer needs as bile acids.

Cholesterol is secreted by glands in our skin.  It covers and protects our skin against dehydration.

Our body can make cholesterol but once its made, cannot break it down, excess cholesterol can only be removed from our body through our stool.  The removal of cholesterol is increased by dietary fibre.

Professors Rath and Pauling  (the latter a twice Nobel Prize winning scientest) suggest that if the body doesnt intake enough Vitamin C daily then the liver has to compensate for this loss and secrete a lipoprotein like substance to protect the body which over time hardens on the arteries to resemble a cholesterol like substance.

They also maintain that when our body increases it s vitamin C intake this substance decreases.

Bearing all this in mind, if we adopted a diet rich in Essential Fatty Acids like flax oil and increased our Vitamin C intake daily then we would definately be helping the body carry out its daily functions with the the neccessary ingredients.

To read more about how flax oil and omega 3’s can help the body click on this web site will come up in german but just click on the english button to read it all in english.  This is the web site of the foundation of Johanna budwig who was the first lady to discover the link between defeciency’s of essential fatty acids in the blood and the incidence of degenerative illnesses.

It is recommended that Adora flaxseed oil be consumed with a high protein low fat food like cottage cheese or natural yoghurt to avail of the maximum health benefits as it becomes water soluble in the body when the two are taken together.

Flax Oil is the richest known source of Omega 3 which is necessary for physical health but lacking in the Western diet (unless you eat fair amounts of flax, oily fish or walnuts).

As flax oil is made up of essential fatty acids that the body needs to operate at optimum health, it assists with all manner of bodily functions and it is only when we feed the body its complete dietary essentials of minerals, vitamins and nutrients that it will respond with good health.

Over the last 60 year’s or so the work of Johanna Budwig, Udo Erasmus, Barbara Wren and Bernard Jensen among others has paved the way for the rest of us to be enlightened to the goodness of Natures own flax.  To them we are deeply thankful for all their work, efforts and endurance while pioneering the way for others to follow.  The way of the Pioneer is never easy but their lifetimes contribution has been noted and marked forever in time.

Their work and research have been referenced throughout this web site and through our years of studying flax, flax growing and natural nutrition.