Hormone Balancing/ Menopause

Achieve hormone balance and relieve the symptoms of menopause with flaxseed products

Hormonal imbalance impacts on our lives in so many ways. From weight gain and insomnia to having no energy and feeling lifeless, it can feel devastating and debilitating. Only by restoring your hormonal balance will you feel like yourself again.

Our 100% certified organic flaxseed products have the Omega 3 components and vital lignans that will help you restore the healthy balance you need.

What is hormonal imbalance?

Our bodies produce dozens of hormones every day and they control pretty much all aspects of how our bodies work. From sleeping and eating to how we deal with stress, how we put on weight, hormones can impact on so much. And when the levels of one hormone fluctuates, the consequences can be severe for your mental, emotional and physiological health.


When we grow older, issues like menopause or pregnancy in women can have a major impact on hormone levels. There are many other driving factors and these include:

  • Too much medication
  • Reliance on a poor quality diet.
  • Lifestyle can lead to a hormonal imbalance also with stress being a major culprit

Omega 3 and lignans are found in our Flaxseed products and can help restore your hormonal balance.

Lignans are plant substances like unrefined grains that are found in many legumes, vegetables and fruits.  In fact, flaxseed is the richest source of these lignans. These phytohormones or plant hormones have a similar, if not as strong impact on the body as our own sex hormones and have natural balancing qualities. In other words, the body interprets them as hormones and applies them to naturally restore the overall hormone balance, working in tandem with your body.

Flax seed and especially Flaxseed oil is full of B Vitamins namely B1, B2, B3 and B6. Vitamin B6 is widely known as a wonderful hormone balancer.

Remember that it takes 3 spoons of seed to make one spoon of oil, so the oil is then more concentrated than the seed. For anyone that needs help with balancing the hormones, we would recommend 1 – 2 dessertspoons of Adora Flax oil mixed with yoghurt, or cottage cheese or in porridge or as a salad dressing for best results.

What to do next ?

By growing and harvesting our own 100% certified organic flaxseed, we can produce natural flaxseed products at our farm in Ballyroan Co. Laois.

We firmly believe in taking a fully natural approach to deal with life’s challenges where possible. And by incorporating flaxseed products, rich in lignans and Omega 3 in to your daily diet, we can help you handle hormone imbalance issues like menopause or other fluctuations in hormones.

We provide both flaxseed oils and ground flax seeds as sources of those all-important lignans and B Vitamins. We recommend you follow our suggested servings below to alleviate the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

    • Flaxseed Oil – Take 2 x desert spoons of Adora Farm Flaxseed Oil per day.
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    • Ground Flax Seed – Sprinkle 3 – 6 x desert spoons on salads, cereals or as a sandwich filler every day.
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