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Treating Inflammation with 100% organic Flaxseed oil

From serious conditions like arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease to a simple sore throat, we all know how uncomfortable inflammation can be in our body.

100% certified organic flaxseed/linseed products are what are often recommended to alleviate the symptoms of inflammation through an Omega 3 component known as ALA.


What is inflammation?

This happens when your body’s white blood cells and the substances they produce, protect you from infection from things like bacteria and viruses. Releasing chemicals like this increases blood flow to the affected area or infection and often results in redness and warmth

In some cases, like Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, your body’s immune system can cause damage to itself by triggering an inflammatory response even when there are no foreign bodies to fight off.


Treating inflammation with flaxseed products from Adora

Our customers tell us that they have used flaxseed to treat different types of inflammatory conditions.

ALA or alpha-linolenic fatty acid is an essential Omega 3 fatty acid found in Flaxseed and is the basis for all the fluidity, flexibility and activity within cell membranes.  It has been proven that lack of Omega 3 in the body can result in inflammation.

Multiple Scelerosis sufferers use it regularly as part of their specific, balanced diet to help alleviate the symptoms of their condition.  It is based on the findings of Dr George Jelinek an Australian doctor who had this condition himself and researched first hand, how his condition improved with the use of good quality flaxseed oil  as part of a specific balanced diet.  He also published results of the HOLISM study which relayed findings of the same nature.


What to do next

By growing and harvesting our own 100% certified organic flaxseed, we can produce natural flaxseed products at our farm in Ballyroan Co. Laois.

Our focus is on producing the highest quality flaxseed/linseed products for your enjoyment and wellbeing.   By adding flaxseed products, rich in lignans and Omega 3 in to your daily diet, you can help reduce the effects of  inflammatory-based conditions.

We recommend you follow our suggested servings below to alleviate the symptoms of inflammation and inflammation-related conditions.

  • Flaxseed Oil – Take 2 x dessert spoons of Adora Farm Flaxseed Oil per day.
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  • Ground Flax Seed – Sprinkle 6 x dessert spoons on salads, cereals or as a sandwich filler every day.
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