Flaxseeds and flaxseed products are the number one source for Lignans – nature’s secret agent.

Naturally occurring plant lignans offer amazing health benefits to men and women. Flax seed is the best source of these and as Ireland’s only 100% certified organic flaxseed grower and producer, we are proud to tell you more about them.

What are lignans?

Lignans are plant compounds that work as building blocks, building up plant cell walls. Naturally creating phtyoestrogesn, they regulate the body’s oestrogen production. After our body assimilates the lignans in a suitable form, some studies have reported that this can help to reduce risk of breast, prostate and colon cancers, and cardiovascular disease. Lignans have anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.

And how do they work?

When you eat food that contains lignans, the bacteria in your gut reacts and converts them into metabolites. These metabolites produce a oestrogenic effect – these oestrogens are small molecules that control reactions in the body. When oestrogen levels are too high, the lignans attach to the oestrogen receptors and can reduce the impact or activity of the body’s oestrogen hormone.

More lignans in your system will improve your overall health

Research has shown that people with higher amounts of lignans in their bodies often benefit from better health in areas of the body where hormones play a key role. These include reproductive tissue like ovaries, breast, prostate and uterus. Other studies have pointed to post-menopausal benefits for women and better prostate health in men with some studies also researching the antioxidant properties of lignans.

In women’s health particularly, lignans have been found to be helpful in alleviating symptoms of PMT (premenstrual tension/syndrome) peri-menopause and menopause. Some experts advocate that lignan-rich flaxseed can help post menopausal women protect themselves against conditions like osteoporosis and heart disease.

Lignans are the part closest to the shell of the flax seed, so the freshly ground seed would contain more lignans than the oil. If you see a thin dark film sometimes around the oil this is the lignans and it is actually very much more beneficial to the body even though it may look darker. If you request it, we are happy to bottle Lignan-rich oil for you here at Adora Farm.

Add lignans to your diet

At our farm in Ballyroan. Co. Laois, we grow only the highest quality flaxseed and our products are specifically designed to deliver improved health and well-being to our customers. Nature has been solving health problems for generations and we firmly believe in delivering 100% natural products.

As we are an organic provider, there are no sprays used and nothing extra added.

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