Nature is a Healer

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Nature is a Healer

The Earth provides all the food that we eat and water to drink, all that we need to sustain our physical bodies.  She is a fertile energy with the power to replenish herself no matter what flood comes, what drought comes or what depth of snow shower arrives.  She can renew herself each season and produce all we need each year over and over, no matter what comes.

The Earth is a feminine Energy.

As wonderful and amazing as she is, nothing would grow on the Earth without the sun shining on it.  The light that comes from the sun and the heat is what the Earth needs to produce the food for those that inhabit the Earth.

The Sun is masculine Energy.

When the male energy and the feminine energy come together you get creation at its best.  Both are necessary to create.  As above so below.

We, humans, inhabit the middle ground above the Earth provided for by the feminine and mother Earth and the higher masculine and father energy.

We are made up of 70% water and 30% organic matter that is returned to the mother Earth after we take our last breaths.  Our emotions vibrate at a frequency that responds to water which is why we often look for solace and find it near running water or the sea.

Running water and sea waves have negative ions in the air around it which responds to our emotions and helps us to heal and feel comforted when we are around it.

Trees provide cleaner and purer air because the trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen whereas we inhale oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.  This is nature providing a habitat for us humans to live in.

Nature looks after us, our every physical and emotional need if we only connected more with it and sat in stillness with it and let her unconditional love for us into our bodies, so that we can resonate with some of her essence.

Sitting in stillness with the mother Earth or feeling her soil between our fingers and letting her feel our pain and torment and suffering from how we and our ancestors have lived on this Earth for aeons, with each other, is one powerful healing tool that is available to us right now.  She knows what is best for us and has the ability to transmute our heavy emotions and burdens that we carry around in us.  It just requires your intention and surrender to a higher power.

Hari Om  (removal of Suffering)