Pattern Repeating Emotions

Pattern Repeating Emotions Patterns repeat in our life when we don’t clear the emotion left in the body from the first time the event, accident or trauma happened. Fear plus helplessness equals trauma. The emotions that we carry around in our physical body create a vibration that emanates from us. Have you ever met someone and you just felt a nice vibe from them or met a stranger and just felt a bad vibe from them. If we are emanating with a vibration of abuse for example, that has not been processed in the body, it attracts more of the same. Your body meets another body and it responds appropriately because it is feeling the vibration from you of abuse. Most people are walking around unaware of this working but by opening up to it life can become a lot more joyful and peaceful. feature immage 2

Different organs in the body store and are affected by various emotions for eg. The Kidneys hold fear. The liver holds anger. The brain holds guilt. The lungs hold grief. The heart holds hurt and betrayal. The most obvious one for people to relate to is the kidneys, if you ever played sport for example, the last place you go before you set foot on the pitch or a court is the toilet. That last release from the kidneys before you face the opposition. This is a light example of the kidneys expressing fear but on a more intense level, have you ever noticed a war film where soldiers were in the trenches and they know the minute they stand up out of the trench that its certain death. The film usually shows where the kidneys released pee just before the soldier stands up. By feeling into the body, and feeling the emotions connected to memories from events that happened in our lives, we open up to how the body works, this awareness empowers us greatly. You are acquiring the tools needed to live on the Earth through this time. By feeling and breathing acceptance of these emotions in the body, you are clearing them and transmuting them from a dark negative emotion that weighs you down, zaps your energy and stops you getting out of bed in the morning into a lighter accepted emotion that the body had to feel and go through in order to evolve. Like cleaning a room gradually after continuous inner work, the body feels lighter and now allows more access to your true higher self, which is the divine part of yourself. You could nt see it before or knew that the divine resided inside of you because of all the clutter of emotions in its way. But the magic lies within and it is what we are all being called to now, to heal ourselves and open up to this new honouring of ourselves, THE DIVINE WITHIN. Hari Om (removal of suffering) Kalia