“The Adora Flax oil is lovely and has no bitter after taste. Its the best flavour over all the others. Keep up the good work”
Marie Tully

“I am loving your flax seed oil and have told friends about it”
Mary Flaherty

“Where can I get some more Adorable Flax Oil?”
Alan O Shea

“I just wanted to let you know the product is excellent, we will be ordering again”
Jana Cudlinova

“The Adora Flax oil we ordered tasted wonderful and when defrosted tasted no different”
Nicola. Dublin

“I recently attended a week long “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis” retreat based on the best medical evidence to manage the disease.

Part of the management involves consuming a whole food, vegan diet with seafood. It also involves taking 20-40mls Flaxseed oil per day. I currently use yours, having searched for years to find one that was palatable and yours is the best so far.”

Colin. Northern Ireland